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What is Surfskate

Surfskate is a type of skateboarding that uses a special front axle that allows you to perform the movements of surfing out of the water, with this axle you can make quick and tight turns in any direction, pump to accelerate and move forward giving inertia to the Surfskate using the movement of your body without having to lower your foot to propel you

Surfers also use Surfskate to perfect their surfing by improving posture, flexion, movement and balance out of the water. The ease of getting started in skateboarding in this modality and the exercise that is done with the whole body while having fun, have made the Surfskate has a place in the lives of many people who have not stepped on a surfboard in his life, you can simulate the movements of surfing in a skatepark, you can simulate the movements of surfing in a skatepark, a pumptrack, using cones, or surfing the promenade zigzagging from side to side as if you were on a surfboard, this will also help you if you want to get started in surfing, your first contact in the water will be easier if you have practiced Surfskate before.

The Surfskate have a front axle system based on springs and spring/s, these axles will give you a tighter turn and more similar to surfing, each brand has its own patented configuration of the front axle and each of them will give you a more or less loose feel of the axle. Of the brands that we can highlight from more to less loose front axle are Swelltech, Smoothstar, Yow, Slide, Waterborne (Penny and Z Flex) and Carver C7

Then there would be the Surfskate with the Reverse Kingpin front axle, a simple and light axle with which you can carve and pump but with a smaller closed turn than the systems mentioned above, it is based on an axle very similar to that of the skate but higher and with a different configuration so that it rotates much more. Of the brands that we can highlight that carry this axis from more to less loose are Miller, Carver CX, Quiksilver, Long Island and Landyatchz.

With our surfskate products the only limits are set by you. We work with the best surfskate brands in the market. We have the best surfskates for any type of skateable surface, depending on the turning technique you want to practice

In case you like surfing but do not have a beach nearby, what better than a Surfskate to do it? You can practice or learn the movements of surfing surfing the streets of your neighborhood, the skate park, the pumtrack that are so fashionable and any surface that the wheels allow you.

From Indalo Surfer we can help you find the most suitable Surfskate for you, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to advise you.

Accessories and components

The world of Surfskate is undoubtedly fascinating, with this discipline you can surf on the asphalt and imitate those movements that are made in the waves. A good way to exercise while practicing dry surfing movements.

If you are involved in this world on wheels, take a look at our website and you will find all the Surfskate products essential to excel in this sport, with its accessories and components.

Surfskate boards

Your surfskate board is your adventure companion, so it is important that you choose a board model that suits you and allows you to get the most out of it. At Indalo Surfer we have surfskate board models for all tastes and needs

Depending on your build, experience and/or discipline it is important that you choose the dimensions of the board according to you, you may be better off with a larger or smaller size, with more concave for a more radical surfing and focused on bowl / skatepark, or flatter and with a longer wheelbase if you are starting or looking for a surfskate more focused on route and classic longboard surfing

Best surfskate designs

In our wide variety of Surfskate products you are sure to find the right ones for you. Big and small boards, heavier or lighter, everything in Surfskate boards.

The brands we work with are recognized for their quality worldwide. Surfskate boards made in the best factories are quality, made with excellent materials and with good finishes that allow them to have a long life. They come fully installed so you just have to get on them and start surfing the streets.

In case you bet on a surfskate and need advice to find the ideal one, contact us, we will be happy to advise you.