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YOW Surfskate

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Discover the brand Yow surfskate (Your Own Wave)

If you've been in the surfskate world for a while, surely the logo of the Yow Surfskate is familiar to you. This brand was born in Irun and has earned a place among the pioneers of the sector thanks to its quality and innovation.

Whether you're just starting out in the sport or want to become a professional, buying a Yow surfskate will give you a great advantage. Their technical features are superior to those of other manufacturers and they have very good prices. So, here we tell you everything these boards have to offer.

Advantages of Yow Surfskate

Brand models Yow Surfskate have innovative features and designs, as well as excellent quality materials. Their shafts, created in the HCL factory, give a feeling close to surfing and allow for radical maneuvers. There are two main versions: the S4, with a 4mm spring, and the S5, with a 5mm spring.

This small difference makes each of these shafts suitable for different uses. The S4 has a lower drag, so it is ideal for tight turns, reactive pumping and fluid style maneuvers. On the other hand, the S5 offers more stability and stiffness.

In addition, all models of Yow Surfskate are made with 7 sheets of pressed maple wood, so they are very resistant and durable. Their wheels are versatile, as they work very well on asphalt as well as on rough surfaces. In addition, they are mounted on Abec 7 bearings, providing safety and control.

What type of Yow Surfskate should you buy?

A tutorial on Yow Surfskate can help you see the performance of these boards and determine which one is right for you. However, to make the best choice you should consider four factors: the length of the board, its width, its type of axles and the size of its wheels.

The larger and wider boards are ideal for beginners, as they allow for open turns. On the other hand, smaller boards are perfect for lightweight people or advanced skaters who want to practice their turns. Generally, the size of this surface also determines the distance between its axes.

Similarly, you should look at the wheels of the board you want to buy. If they are large, they will be useful on uneven surfaces. But smaller wheels perform better on asphalt and offer better grip for advanced bowl maneuvers.

Our store is the best alternative to buy your Yow Surfskate in Spain, what are you waiting for to check our catalog? We have from the latest models to those of Yow Surfskate outlet. So, choose your board and start perfecting your technique.

History of Yow

Yow begins its story in 2014 when Andalusian engineer Juanjo Almansa, not very convinced by existing surfskate systems, decides to design his own version of a surfskate to help his daughter train her surfing on asphalt.

He then presents the prototype to the Iraola brothers (Igor, Ander and Iban Iraola) owners of HLC Distribution, a Spanish factory located in the Basque Country, Irun (Spain) and pioneers in the construction of skateboards in Europe, with world renowned skateboard brands such as Jart, Cruzade, Flip, Plan B, SK8mafia or Long Island, the Iraola brothers are enthusiastic about Juanjo's project and decide to start its development and manufacture in Spain at HLC.

After a year and a half of intense research and development, YOW, which stands for "Your Own Wave", was launched with an initial campaign filmed entirely in California, attracting the attention of the European market.

Since then, the YOW brand has expanded around the world to become one of the most recognised surfskate brands, helping people find waves, wherever they are.

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