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Surfskate CARVER Hobo 32,5" Carver - INDALO SURFER STORE
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Available. Shipping 72h. CARVER Hobo 32,5″ Surfskate
The new Carver Hobo is a surfskate with a nice amber maple board with a classic hobo nickel...
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Surfskate characteristics Carver

There is a surfskate Carver for every need, from boards for beginners to models for professional surfers and skaters. That's why, before buying a Carver surfskate you must take into account their different sizes, axle systems and models.

If you're new to the sport, you'll want to stick to the big boards, such as the Greenroom, Rad Ripper, Knox and Black Beauty. These models will help you ride comfortably and pump with plenty of speed. On the other hand, small boards like the USA Booser and New Flyer are ideal for explosive and radical surfing.

The wheels of Carver also come in different types: large for long rides or uneven surfaces and medium or small for tricks and maneuvers. This brand stands out from the rest by giving a feeling very close to surfing. In addition, it has boards suitable for all tastes.

Surfskate shafts Carver

Another important aspect you need to consider is the surfskate axles Carver. This brand has three types: C7, CX and C5. Each of them is focused on a different skate style. The C7 are the most dynamic, adjustable and easy to pump. Likewise, they allow for long rides with ease, so they are widely used.

However, the carver surfskate CX axles are distinguished by being lighter and simpler. They are the best for the bowl or skatepark. They also help to improve technique and posture. Finally, the C5 are designed for traditional skateboarding, but make tricks, skids and carvings much easier.

Carver surfskate price

It is no secret that Carver surfkate in Spain is one of the most expensive brands on the market, but its quality is worth it. However, the Triton models are cheap and ideal for having fun surfing the streets or for those who want to start in this world with a good board.

In case you are just starting out in this sport, you can learn with a tutorial by Carver surfskate and improve your technique over time. If you have any questions in the choice of your board or want a more personalized advice, do not hesitate to contact us.

History of Carver 

Since the origins of skateboarding skateboarders have been loosening their axes looking for a surf-like feeling to compensate for the lack of waves, since then skateboarding has lived a constant evolution and has derived in different techniques and configurations for each modality (longboard, street, slalom, cruiser, surfskate...), then in 1996 during a summer without waves in Venice Beach (California) Carver was born. ), then in 1996 during a summer without waves in Venice Beach (California) Carver was born, Greg Falk and Neil Carver had been surfing all winter and were eager to catch waves in the warm summer waters, but the sea was flat, Greg and Neil took the opportunity to invent the first trucks for surf skateboards that would allow them to ride the curves with the board with carving sensation, They were making tests with classic skateboard axles to which they made modifications and then they incorporated an axle system with different rotation to which Neil added a spring, there was born the Carver C7 axle that we know today, it could be said that Carver invented the Surfskate. 

Carver has 3 models of shafts for a different surfing feel, the twin shaft C7 for a smooth and fluid ride, the reverse rotation CX for a fast and agile ride, or the lower and lighter C5 for tricks and skate parks. And with a variety of surf-inspired board shapes and concave shapes, along with fast and grippy Roundhouse wheels, Carver delivers speed, power and flow so you can really "surf your skate".

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