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Meet the brand Miller Surferskate

The brand Miller Surfskate or Miller Division is one of the most recognized in its range. Their models are an excellent alternative for those who want to buy their first board without investing too much, as they have a great variety and modern designs.

This company was founded in Spain, specifically in Cantabria, in 2012. Since then it has been characterized by an unbeatable quality-price ratio. This has allowed it to position itself among other brands with a longer trajectory and recognition. If you are just starting, Miller Division Surfskate is an option that will more than meet all your expectations.

Advantages of the Miller Surfskate

The headquarters of Miller Surfskate is located in the Cantabrian Sea, where surfing and skateboarding are more than popular sports. Therefore, they focus on what is really needed to enjoy this sport with the best technical performance, axles, wheels and materials.

One of the major advantages of buying a Miller Surfskate is that all its models allow you to vary the distance between their axes, as they have 8 holes for this purpose. If you adjust a short wheelbase you can use your board for tight turns and radical maneuvers, while a longer distance will serve you for a more relaxed style of skateboarding with wide turns.

Thanks to this quality, the models of Miller Surfskate boards allow you to enjoy the benefits of two boards in one. Therefore, in addition to being of very good quality, they are versatile. However, if you want to focus on a particular style you should pay attention to other aspects such as their axles, the size of the board and the wheels.

Technical performance of Miller Surfskate

The axes of Miller XRKP (Extreme Reverse King Pin) are counted among the best on the market, because thanks to their bushings they offer a wide turning range and allow pumping at high speed for a long time. Today, this shaft has evolved into the XRKP 2.

Each board model, moreover, has particular designs and different sizes that make them ideal for different uses. For example, large boards are suitable for beginners or classic style skaters, while small boards are for more reactive styles.

Miller Division Surfskate reviews

If you want to know the opinion about Miller Surfskate that have their buyers, you will almost always find that the most outstanding thing about their boards is that they allow you to pump with the same feeling that a surfboard would give. For this reason, they are a favorite of many professional and amateur surfers.

Best of all, this company doesn't just make surfskates, they also make longboards, skateboard accessories, backpacks and skateboard parts. That's why, in the Miller surfskate you will find everything you need to enjoy this sport to the fullest.

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