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Best Surfskate brands

In Indalo Surfer we work with the best brands of Surfskates on the market, at prices that you will love. If you are looking to improve your surfing skills or enjoy sliding on the asphalt it is important that you look for specialized brands in this world

We know that our customers are unique and that each one comes with different needs and interests. Whatever the case may be, the best surfskate for the best price is in our store.

List of the best surfskate brands

In Indalo Surfer we strive to offer you the best, so we have taken the task of knowing all about this world and bring you a list of the best brands of Surfskate.

SLIDE Surfskate: This brand has established itself and stood out in a great way in recent years. They offer boards at good prices, quality and effectiveness.

This brand is manufactured by the well-known Sancheski brand, which has been established in the Basque Country for decades.

YOW Surfskate: A brand that has earned a very good position in the market, thanks to the innovations that have been included in their boards both aesthetically and technically and its new Meraki shaft improved from the previous model, have achieved one of the best shafts on the market, its factory is recognized worldwide.

CARVER Surfskate: They have collaborated with professional surfers and recognized Californian brands. They offer perfect boards for all levels.

Carver is the pioneer in the world of Surfskate. It manufactures its products in California. All its models can be chosen with the option of front axle CX (Reverse Kingpin) or C7 (more surfing turn).

MILLER Surfskate: Excellent value for money brand in its entire catalog of Surfskate at national and European level. Cantabra brand that has been gaining ground every year that passes. Models with front axle Reverse Kingpin and tables with measures and perfect shapes if you want a surfskate for skatepark, pumptrack and / or cruiser.

LONG ISLAND Surfskate: They have a great position in the market. Thanks to its axles with more side spin Reverse Kingpin, make you can have very good surfing experience on the asphalt. Brand that comes from the hand of the same manufacturer that Yowthey are backed by their long history, competitive prices for market entry

LANDYACHTZ Surfskate: This Canadian Longboard brand has also joined the manufacture of Surfskates and offers a wide variety of options, with attractive designs and excellent mechanism. Highly recognized in the international skateboarding world.

SWELLTECH Surfskate: An American brand that was born from the intention of a surfer to transmit the same sensations that occur in the waves to the asphalt. One of the best options to improve your surfing skills

PENNY Surfskate: One of the most prestigious at international level. They offer efficient boards at very good prices. They are characterized by making high quality plastic boards that combine with the Waterborne front axle system that will leave you crazy when you try it.

Z-FLEX Surfskate: A brand with a lot of history that has also reached the world of surfing on asphalt with incredible options, their surfskate models come with the Waterborne front axle system.

QUIKSILVER Surfskate: Known by most surf lovers. It comes to the market with a new collection of boards with a good Reverse Kingpin shaft system and performance on the asphalt, manufactured with the collaboration of the best surfers on the planet.

SMOOTHSTAR Surfskate: This is an Australian brand designed for surfers. Their boards are one of the best options you can choose for dry surfing, its quality is exceptional and its turn will leave you speechless. This is the surf tech surfskate par excellence.

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