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Long Island Surfskate - Surfskate Brand Long Island - Indalo


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Meet the brand Long Island Surfskate

If you are looking for a mid-range or high-end board, Long Island Surfskate is your best option. Its quality is indisputable and its shafts will allow you to do the best carving with a sensation almost equal to surfing. They are made in HCL, the same factory of YOW Surfskates. Therefore, both brands have similar components and technical performance.

This company has a wide variety of models for different uses and styles of skateboarding, from freestyle to pintail and kicktail. By using them you will be able to do all kinds of tricks and maneuvers, as well as perfect your techniques and postures for a better performance in the bowl.

Surfskate characteristics Long Island

Before buying a surfskate you should take into account some factors related to its technical performance. Therefore, here we tell you all the details related to the axles, wheels, bearings and boards manufactured by this brand. This way, you will have more security when making your investment.

The major differentiating element of the different surfskate brands on the market is their axles. For its part, the front surfskate axles Long Island feature high-performance swivel and rebound. The rears support the movement of the forwards. Together, they are perfect for carving, pumping and explosive maneuvers.

This brand is characterized by having a complete range for each style: surfskate, longboard, cruiser, street. In fact, the longboards Long Island surfskates are among the most popular on the market for their quality and affordability.

How to choose a surfskate Long Island?

The factors to consider when choosing a new board are the same for most brands. First of all, as with surfboards, the size determines the types of moves they will allow you to make. The smaller ones will serve you well for radical turns and maneuvers, while the bigger ones are ideal for wide, smooth turns in a classic skate style.

The length of the surfskate Long Island ranges from 29 to 35 inches, so you have a wide range to choose from depending on your needs. In addition, the boards of this brand have concave downward shapes that offer a smooth feel, while the concave upward ones are ideal for a radical and precise skateboarding style. Additionally, their 60mm wheels are sturdy and feature ABEC7 bearings.

As you can see, the boards of this brand are versatile and multipurpose. They can be used for fast and stable pumping as well as for carving, tricks and bowl maneuvers. What are you waiting for to buy yours and start perfecting your techniques?

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