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The fundamental part for

that a skate can be called a surfskate are the axles,

each brand has its own system and some of them are very

similarities between them, we will try to help as much as we can

possible in the choice of your surfskate by commenting on the

and functionality of the ones we have in

our catalog.

Let's start by talking about the axes of Kingpin Inverted

(Reverse Kingpin), these shafts are very similar to those of

skateboard but with a different configuration so that

you can pump and carve much more easily,

are the lightest you will find on a surfskate

and its maintenance is almost negligible, you will only have

to change the bushings and the pivot cup, parts of the bushings and the pivot cup

of the shaft that are inexpensive and last for a long time.

Adjustment of the Reverse Kingpin axles is very simple, only

you will need to tighten or loosen the nut where the

(bushings), in this way you will be able to harden or harden

to leave the axle looser to your liking whenever you want, with

this will change the feel or functionality

you are looking for at any given moment (skatepark, pumping with

speed, slalom, carving with cones, etc.), or to adapt

your surfskate to your height and weight with a twist.

These shafts are very easy to pump, especially if they are

mounted on boards with a short wheel base

no more than 17", on long boards with long wheelbase

(over 17") may be more difficult to pump,

but this will depend on your height and weight, with these axes

you will also have more stability when kicking with your foot

if we compare them with the axle systems Yow o Swelltech.

Reverse Kingpin shafts (Reverse Kingpin) you will find them

in the Carver CX, Miller, Long Island and Landyatchz.

These axles are perfect for those who are just starting out in the

surfskate or for children due to its lightness and ease of pumping,

are also ideal for riders coming from skateboarding

and they are looking for a surfskate for the bowl or skate park and do

some trick or aerial with no problem of shaft breakage, and by

of course always without losing the feeling of surfing the streets.

With this shaft you will be able to carve and pump perfectly,

but if what you want is a surfskate with an angle of

very tight turn, practice your surfing out of the water and

the most similar feeling to riding a board of

surfing, then we recommend that you choose an axis Yow,

Carver C7, Slide, Swelltech or Waterborne (Penny y Z-Flex).

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