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If you are looking for surfskate wheelslet me tell you that you came to the right place. When you ride your surfskate, time stands still and nothing else matters to you but the ride and your board. On our website INDALO SURFER you will find the best surfboards for you best surfskate wheels.

What wheels do I need for surfskate?

The surfskate wheels have certain characteristics that should be taken into account so that you can choose the ones that best suit your needs. These can vary from 60 mm up to 75 mm.

3 types of variable to choose the surfskate wheel that best suits you:

Adherence to the ground.

Acceleration capacity

speed it can take.

To choose a surfskate wheel, the main thing is to take into account the type of floor on which you will perform your tricks. To do this the smaller the wheel, the less grip it has on the ground and therefore the less stability it has on the ground. But it is not always necessary for the wheel to be very large to roll.

The main thing is to determine the location, if you are in a skatepark with small wheels you will be finebecause the surface is smooth. While on the pavement you will need larger ones in order to avoid possible falls.

However, the acceleration capacity will be considered depending on the type of wheelin this case the larger the board, the less it accelerates. And as for the speed, it may vary since the larger, the greater the speed of the wheels.

Another important aspect to consider is the hardness of the Sufskate wheels. Since through the hardness will determine the type of surface on which it can run best. In this case, the softer it is, the more it adheres to the ground and therefore rolls faster.

Harder tires may be considered faster if they are used on smoother surfaces.

The best wheels for Surfskate are

They are considered the best surfskate wheels those that are best suited to the surfaces, as well as those that offer you a balance between grip, acceleration and speed. However, in spite of all this, all the surf skate wheels are excellent at what they do.

Orangatang In Heat

Orangatang 4president

Orangatang Love Handles

Orangatang Fat Free

Only what differentiates them from each other is the fact that some are better suited to one type of surface than others, as well as the speed and acceleration when surfing

The wheels are essential for the use of surfskate so in INDALO SURFER you will enjoy the highest quality in terms of surfskate wheels on the market. Always with the best and most affordable prices and unparalleled quality when it comes to these wheels.

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