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Basic maintenance of your surfskate

don't know where to buy all the surfskate maintenance kit? This is an opportunity for you to take advantage and buy everything you need to keep your board in tune. In INDALO SURFER you will be able to buy everything you need and more.

In our online store you will find those parts to make the maintenance of your surfskate. Keeping in mind that no matter where we ride, our board may store high amounts of dirt, saltpetre or sediments

Looking for surfskate springs ?

Known as springs or surfskate springs. It is one of the most important points when skating. Since it is the one that will give support and agility to the board if it comes to doing tricks with strength and more

These springs help to mitigate the movements that are executed with the surfskate board. In this section you will find cheap surfskate springs¸ always at the best price and with the highest quality.

Why do the springs of our surfskate break?

These springs tend to get damaged due to the problem that with the passage of time, strong movements and high speeds they tend not to offer the same tension due to the wear they had in the beginning.

If your springs have broken and you need to change them in our online store we have a large stock of surfskate springs so you can spend hours and hours on your board rolling and performing tricks. In INDALO SURFER we know that it is difficult to buy the right replacement surfskate springs for your board, so we have a wide variety of products so you can find exactly what you need.

Do you need bearings to propel you faster with little effort?

As well as the springs, we have a wide variety of ABEC 7 bearings which serve to take you to new heights and push you to improve your surfskate techniques quickly. We also have Carvers, Bushing, YOW system spring and many more spare parts for your board

what happens if you don't maintain your surfskate?

Surfskates should be cleaned regularly, otherwise your board may deteriorate and cause you some problems that can cause problems such as poor board stability or a pronounced squeaking noise that can be annoying.

If you are looking for the highest quality and durable parts there is no doubt that our online store is for you. With the surfskate springs in INDALO SURFER you will take full advantage for the maintenance of your board and you will be closer to being a skater category. So do not hesitate and make your purchase and in just 48/72 hours we take it to where you tell us

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