Let's start by talking about measurements first.

of the table (length and width) and the distance between

axles (WB or wheelbase).

It is usually more important in choosing

your surfskate look at the wheelbase before

the measurement of the table, this will also influence the

rider height, if you are short and choose

a surfskate with a long wheelbase will cost you

more pump, and if you are very tall and choose a distance

very short wheelbase, so your surfskate will be very

reactive and may make you feel unsteady.

The longer the wheelbase, the more stability

you will have and the twists will be much more open, too

you will gain more speed when pumping, and if this

accompanied by a long table, this configuration will be

perfect for big riders, surfers who like

longboard sensations, beginners looking for measurements

spacious that give them security and confidence, or simply

for those who want a comfortable and fast surfskate for

get around without losing the fun of surfing the streets.

We recommend for this setup measures of

board length from 33 "and wheelbase (WB)

from 18 ".

But if what you want is a very reactive surfskate

and with a very tight turn, then we recommend

a setup with a maximum table length of 30 "

and a maximum wheelbase (WB) of 16 ".

This setup will be perfect for riders coming from the

skate and want to continue with their bowl sessions, skatepark

or radical street surfing. These measurements are also suitable

for smaller riders or kids just starting out

for its ease of pumping.

For the width of the table, comment that the wider

be, the more comfortable you will go and your feet will be well fitted to

pump with more power. If the table is narrower,

especially in the rear (tail or tail), then you can

drift your surfskate more easily.

All intermediate measurements (board length between 30 "-33"

and wheelbase between 16 "-18") will be the best option

for those looking for a surfskate for everything and everyone.


In the choice of the table is the concave too,

if you choose a table with concave, it will be more reactive,

easier to drift, easier to pump and you can

make turns much tighter, these models

They usually wear the nose elevated, all this

it will help your foot not slip away

in powerful bowl or power surfing sessions.

Normally almost all tables tend to have little

concave, almost flat and with tail, this option is

the most comfortable for your feet, especially if you use it

also to move, the plane will help you to

enjoy some session barefoot.


In the choice of your surfskate there is also the

table shape or shape.

Normally almost all surfskate boards

they usually have little concave, almost flat, with tail

and little do I know, this shape is the perfect one if you are

starting out or do you like to change position on top

of the table, it is also the best option especially if it

you also use to move and you want a surfskate

for everything, the plan will help you enjoy some

sitting barefoot.

But if what you want is a very reactive surfskate, then

choose a board with concave, they are easier to skid,

easier to pump and you will be able to do much more turns

closed, these models usually have the nose raised and the

shorter wheelbase, all of this will help you

do not miss your foot in powerful bowl or power sessions



Now we are going to talk about the fundamental part for

that a skateboard can be called surfskate, the axles.

Each brand has its own system and some very

similar between them, we will try to help as

possible in the choice of your surfskate commenting on the

sensations and functionality of those we have in

our catalog.

We will start by talking about the inverted Kingpin shafts.

(Reverse Kingpin), these axes are very similar to those of

skate but with a different configuration so that

you can pump and carve much more easily,

they are the lightest you will find on a surfskate

and its maintenance is almost negligible, you will only have

to change the rubbers (bushings) and the pivot cup, parts

cheap and long lasting axle shafts.

Adjusting the Reverse Kingpin axles is a breeze, just

you will have to tighten or loosen the nut where the

rubber (bushings), in this way you can harden or

leave the shaft looser to your liking whenever you want, with

this will change the feeling or functionality

what you are looking for at all times (skatepark, pumping with

speed, slalom, carving with cones, etc.), or adapt

your surfskate to your height and weight with a twist.

These shafts are very easy to pump especially if they go

mounted on boards with a short wheelbase

no more than 17 ", on long boards with wheelbase

long (over 17 ") may cost more to pump,

but this will depend on your height and weight, with these axles

you will also have more stability when kicking with your foot

if we compare them with Yow or Swelltech axle systems.

You will find the inverted kingpin shafts (Reverse Kingpin)

on the Carver CX, Miller, Long Island and Landyatchz.

They are perfect axes for those who are starting in the

surfskate or for children for its lightness and ease of pumping,

they are also ideal for riders who come from skateboarding

and they look for a surfskate for the bowl or skate park and do

some trick or aerial without problem of breakage of the axis, and for

always without losing the feeling of surfing the streets.

With this shaft you can carve and pump perfectly,

but if what you want is a surfskate with an angle of

tight turn, practice your surfing out of the water and

have the feeling more like riding a board

surf, then we recommend that you choose a Yow axis,

Carver C7, Slide or Swelltech.


The Yow are one of the axes that feels most similar to

riding a surfboard they will give you, they are very easy

of pumping (you will climb a slope) and you will advance almost

effortless, it has a very tight and immediate turn, always

that you want of course, they can be the heaviest

of the catalog and that feeling is given when transporting it, but

that changes as soon as you get on top of it. This axis is

the ones that are looser, but you will not notice instability

when you are going, you can only feel it when you lower your foot to

kick the ground at a certain speed, something I don't know

usually done on the surfskate for the ease of pumping.

In 2021 Yow has renewed the V4 axle calling it Meraki,

both shafts have the same S5 spring (5 mm thick),

parts of this new Yow Meraki axle have been removed

Disposables from the old V4 axle, previously it had a

standard built into a platform, and now the shaft

Meraki has an integrated part of the shaft (hanger) directly

to the system making it lighter and more resistant.

This shaft can only be adjusted by tightening or loosening the nut that

there are on top of the rubbers (bushings), it also influences that

tighten or loosen the rear axle to find the setup

to your liking, the main nut of the system is only for

disassembly and maintenance.

You will also find Yow axles in our catalog

The YOW GROM, surfskates suitable only for children or riders

weighing less than 50 kg, they would also be suitable for pro riders looking

a very reactive surfskate. Yow GROMs carry the axle system

Yow V4 but with the S4 spring (4 mm thick).


The Carver C7 are the axles that go the least loose of our

catalog but with a very good surfing feeling, you have to

pump them harder especially on boards with distance

long between axles, but if you are a big rider or looking for that touch

stability, these are your axes, without on the contrary you have little

height or weight I recommend that you choose them in tables of less

17 ". This axle is one of the best if you are looking for a surfskate with

the one to do a skateboard trick or get into the bowl, is light

and it gives a very good feeling of stability, but it does lose its

surfing skills. The C7 axis can be adjusted in two ways a

at the same time to find your perfect setup at any time, one

regulating the hardness of the spring, and another by tightening or loosening

the nut of the rubbers (bushings). With this axis it may cost

more start it if we compare it with the Yow or Sweeltech, but

then you will pick up more speed and you will be able to continue pumping, and if you loosen

well the spring and the front and rear bushings you will have a surfskate

perfect for your surfing sessions out of the water.


Slide shafts have a spring configuration and position

very similar to the Carver C7, but they do not have the rubbers (bushings)

that also go on the axle as in the Carver C7, they are axles that

pump and carve very well and very easily, the configuration

of the front axle without bushings makes it move only

laterally, thus forcing the rear axle to be

part of the turn, you will notice that the table turns entire instead of just

the front, this is good because it is a technique that there

to learn using the back foot, but with the Slide axis you will

from the beginning due to this configuration, they are also axes

with which you will learn to skid with ease. If you are

Starting and looking for a surfskate with a surfer feeling and at a good price, the Slide (Sancheski) are a very good option.





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