Hello, we are Attila (1973 Madrid) and Alberto (1978 Valladolid), two friends living in Roquetas de Mar (Almería) and passionate about sports that are practiced on boards (skate, surfskate, windsurf, paddle surf, wake ...) .

A few years ago we got back to skateboarding that we had stopped practicing a long time ago, little by little, and while we did not stop setting up our Powell Peralta, we discovered the Surfskate trucks and put them on our Old School boards, the The surprise was so pleasant that we got completely hooked on Surfskate, we thought it was a very complete sport, you work your entire torso and waist, you take the bottom, and apart from that it helps you get your posture and balance in the water (they call it surf technician ), but what we really loved is because of how fun it is to be able to move forward without having to lower your foot to row (you can go up a hill) and surf the streets, bike path and promenade while you pick up speed when pumping, carving and take radical turns dodging anything that comes your way, that's guaranteed fun !.

Taking advantage of the good climate that we have throughout the year in the area where we live, we did not stop surfing the asphalt while we continued researching the best brands of surfskate on the market, and in the end we embarked on this business-hobby with which to be able to give a good service to everyone, whether or not they are fond of this beautiful and fun sport that is surfskate.

From Indalo Surfer we want to share this passion with everyone, from our website you can see a wide range of models from the best brands, and if you want us to help you in choosing your surfskate, do not hesitate to contact us, it will be a pleasure to advise you.


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