SMOOTHSTAR Holy Toledo THD 31,5" Surfskate

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The 31.5" Smoothstar Holy Toledo THD is suitable for teen and adult surfers from 1,62 m to 1,77 m in height. The Holy Toledo is the original model of World Top 3 surfer Filipe Toledo. The 31.5" has a shallow concave and is suitable for surfers who want to pump and generate speed on flat sections. The 31.5" Holy Toledo is also considered the superior board to the 32" Flying Fish with original Thruster as it shares the same concave profile but has more width and wheelbase.

Toledo loved the looseness of the 32" Flying Fish with original Thruster, but needed a little more push, so a design was created that stretched all sizes. The Holy Toledo with Thruster D is 31.5" instead of 33", but the wheelbase is the same. With Thruster D, the board has been made lighter and even more durable.

The new Smoothstar THD models come with the new SmoothStar Thruster D (THD) shaft. The Thruster D is the ultimate in precision engineering that gives surfers the ultimate surf feel with 15-12% more grip and drive in your surf turns. It is also lighter and comes with a 5 year warranty.

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